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About the company

Photonics Laboratories is a modern and dynamic company that develops and produces lasers for wide range of applications. The company started with flash lamp pumped medical lasers and achieved perfect results in the development of ultra-compact high-energy devices. Also top energies for long pulse Nd:YAG and Alexandrite lasers were obtained. As a next step a line of Nd:YAG Q-switched products were launched with pulse energy up to 1.5 Joules. The side result of this activity was the start of optical products development and manufacturing – hand pieces for beam shaping, Pockels cells and others.

WelcomeAt this moment the company has turned to diode-pumped solid state lasers for medical, industrial and defence use. Picosecond laser technologies were also introduced into production.

Our highly experienced and motivated team is ready to solve non-standard problems and our laboratories are at your service. Try us. Make a step to next generations of lasers with Photonics Laboratories.

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