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R&D services

Our services, expertises, technologies

Briefly, we specialize in lasers and optics. More precisely, in development and production of solid-state lasers from conventional Nd:YAG to more exotic Er:YAG, Alexandrite, Ruby, CTH:YAG etc. and in design and supply of optics from individual components to complicated lenses. On the market we are second to none in medicine and aesthetics, although our experience covers the entire spectre from industry to defence.

Optical R&D services

We develop optical schemes and components for different applications. Laser parts including mirrors and Pockels cells, beam-shaping devices for delivery systems with fixed spot sizes and zoom optics.

Laser R&D services

We develop lasers for medical, industrial and special application. Nd:YAG/Nd:YAP, Er:YAG, Ruby and Alexandrite lasers with outstanding beam quality and pulse energy can be chosen from our portfolio or ordered in accordance with customer’s technical requirements. We supply long pulse lasers along with nanosecond and picosecond laser emitters. Our tradition of robust and reliable laser design gives the customer additional benefits.

System R&D services

Besides strong optical and laser skills we have certain experience in GUI, PCB design and MCU programming, electronical and mechanical design, system engineering. This allows us to create laser systems in different fields from medicine to industry. Flashlamp pumped and diode based laser systems are available.

Examples of R&D projects we have run recently

Over the years we performed a large number of projects in lasers and optics from single components development to construction of complicated systems for customer defined application. Some of them are presented below.

Case study #009 – Component

Development of zoom fiber handpiece for high power Nd:YAG and Alexandrite lasers with 2-20mm zoom range, round spot and perfect uniformity.

spot2mm-160 - spot size 2mm

spot12mm-160 - spot size 12mm

spot20mm-160 - spot size 20mm

Case study #005 – Laser system

Development of medium power high repetition rate laser system for precise sapphire drilling application.

Case study #006 – Laser emitter

A Korean customer asked us to develop dual-wavelength, multifiber output Nd:YAG laser head for medical applications. A motorized solution with scalable number of outputs from 1 to 10 pcs and switchable wavelength of operation was designed and shipped in the very short time (3 months from receiving the order).

multioutput-laser-head-160 - laser head appearance

Case study #003 – Component

Development of innovative Pockels cell with prealigned position of DKDP crystal. Advantages are compact design, cost-effectiveness and perfect serviceability of laser.

Case study #015 – Laser emitter

Development of passively Q-switched Nd:YAG diode-pumped laser system for fiber optic communications networks control.

Case study #017 – Laser system

An Indian customer asked us to develop picosecond Nd:YAG laser system for precise sapphire drilling applications. Short pulse width, high output power and good M2 were the requirements. The project is in progress at the moment.

microchip-160 - beam quality

laser-head-160 - laser head before assembly

scribing-160 - line scribbed on ruby substrate (10um thickness)

laser-final-160 - final laser head assembly