• Unbeatable cost effectiveness (based on innovative design)
  • Rugged aligment-free design
  • 2Y warranty
  • Easy intergration with customer's system


  • 2D and 3D micro-machining incl. sapphire, ceramics etc
  • Hole and micro-hole drilling
  • Micro-marking, marking of resistant or transparent materials
  • Precise fiber cutting





PICO-05 is a picosecond laser built up on an innovative optical scheme where the seed oscillator is repaced with a sole microchip crystal. The idea results in simplified layout, higher reliability and greatly reduced price. Pulse width is around 100ps, pulse repetition rate is up to 200kHz, output power achieves 5W at 1064nm and 200kHz.

PICO-05 is a forcibly cooled device. Cooling unit is a water chiller, to be purchased separately.

Power supply unit is 19’’ rack mounted (3U height) and can be driven either via RS-485 machine interface or with 7'' graphical
display and touch panel.

pico beam profile


Description Sub-nanosecond DPSS Nd:YAG laser
Optical schema Microchip oscillator + amplifier
Wavelength 1064nm
Pulse width 100ps
Pulse energy Up to 25uJ @ 200kHz
Pulse repetition rate Up to 200kHz
Output power 5W @ 200kHz
Output beam diameter (from laser head) Approx. 1mm
Beam quality (M2) <1.2
Polarization Linear, horizontal
Laser head Dimensions 770x190x100mm
Weight 12kg
Power supply unit 19'' rack mounted, 3U height, depth 350mm
Weight 8kg
Cooling External chiller (18C, 200W capacity)
Interfaces Remote control user interface
RS-485 machine interface


  • SHG, THG units, optionally with switchable wavelengths
  • Beam shapers, scan heads, Z-axis
  • Machine vision sub-system (e.g. with confocal lens)
  • Process development service as well as custom made process heads are available on request


pdf_iconPICO-05 brochure

More information is available on request