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Ultrafast lasers

Picosecond and femtosecond lasers by Photonics Laboratories

PICO-05 – 5W @ 1064nm, 100ps, 200kHz

Simple and cost-effective picosecond (sub-nanosecond) laser, though suitable for many practical applications.
Pulse width is around 100ps, pulse repetition rate is up to 200kHz, output power achieves 5W at 1064nm and 200kHz.


FMT-05 – 5W femtosecond laser

FMT-05 is a femtosecond laser based on state-of-art technologies of Yb:KYW lasing media and longitudinal pumping.
Pulse width is below 150fs, pulse repetition rate is 70MHz, output power achieves 5W at the fundamental wavelength.

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