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Solid-state lasers for aesthetics

Lasers for medical applications

Our capabilities in medical and aesthetic lasers.
Description of typical products (referrence designs).

Handheld laser handpieces

  • Long pulse Nd:YAG - 1064nm
  • Long pulse and fractional Er:YAG - 2936nm
  • Fractional Nd:YAP - 1.34um
  • Fractional Nd:YAG - 1.44um
  • Q-switched Nd:YAG with KTP - 1064nm/532nm

More information is available on request.

Lasers with fiber delivery

  • Long pulse Alex (up to 60J, 1Hz)
  • Long pulse Nd:YAG (up to 90J, 1Hz)

More information is available on request.

Lasers with articulated arm delivery

  • Sub-nanosecond Nd:YAG (<500ps, >500mJ, 10Hz)
  • Q-switched Nd:YAG (1000-2000mJ, 10Hz)
  • Q-switched Ruby (1000mJ, 2Hz)
  • Long pulse Er:YAG (2000mJ, 10Hz)

Further information is availbale on request.

R&D services

  • Optical R&D services
  • Due experience and optical skills we are strong in beam delivering and beam shaping applications. Our services spectra spreads from simple component development to the development and production of the complicated lenses

  • Laser R&D services
  • Our capabilities cover development and production of all major solid-state lasers such as Nd:YAG, Alexandrite, Er:YAG, Ruby, CTH:YAG

  • System R&D services
  • We can provide you not only with 'bare' laser emitter, but also with the complete system including power supply, cooling system, control unit and UI

Further information is available on request.

R&D kits and spare parts

Parts by proven vendors we use in our products and our r&d projects.
R&D kits which could be useful for you at the moment of starting your new r&d project.

R&D kits

  • Long pulse Er:YAG kit - 2936nm
  • Long pulse Alexandrite kit - 755nm, 2 flashlamps
  • Long pulse Nd:YAG kit - 1064nm, 2 flashlamps
  • Long pulse Nd:YAG kit - 1064nm, 1320nm
  • Q-switched Nd:YAG kit - 1064nm, 532nm
  • Q-switched Ruby kit - 694nm

Each kit generally includes pump chamber (with corresponding laser rod, cavity reflector, one or two flashlamps), two mirrors with holders, baseplate. Q-switched kits also include Pockels cell and polarizer. Also available driving electronics and many other options.

More information is available on request.

Spare parts

  • Pump chambers
  • Laser rods
  • Cavity reflectors
  • Flashlamps
  • Mirrors, lenses
  • Pockels cells
  • Microoptics
  • Aspherical lenses
  • Elliptic and parabolic mirrors
  • Electronics

More information is available on request.